A Talk by Mr. Sai Non Nutt
(Organized by Meguro UNESCO Youth Activity Committee)
Jan. 19 (Tue.) 19:00-  Meguro UNESCO Office / 14 attendees
In 1989 Mr. Sai Non Nutt came to study in Japan from Myanmar, and actively participated in Meguro UNESCO’s youth activities until he returned home in 2004. His first visit here since his return home gave us a chance to learn about his experience as a foreign student in Japan and his educational activities in Myanmar.

Visit to the Meguro Eco Plaza and the Waste Disposal Factory
(Meguro UNESCO Exchange Salon)
Feb. 4 (Thu.) 12:00-  38 participants (including 21 friendship members)
The participants talked happily while making Japanese paper postcards from milk cartons at the Eco Plaza. “I’ll send this to my parents in my home country.” “I’ll use it as a pot coaster.” All of their cards turned out to be artworks in good taste!

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