Meguro UNESCO Japaness Language Class

Steady and dedicated activities in 23 years
Sponsor: NPO Meguro UNESCO Association,
Co-sponsor: Meguro Board of Education
Participants & Grade: Foreigners aged 16 and over, Group lessons for Beginners ~ Intermediate
Classes: 1) every Tue. & Thu. 10:00~
      2) every Tue. 18:30~
      3) every Sat. 10:00~
Place: Meguro School Support Center (3-6-10 Nakameguro)
Term: 3 terms a year (Note: Next term starts in mid. Sept. at Sakura Plaza at 2-4-18 Chuo-cho, and in Oct.~Dec. at above place. )

Started with one participant in 1987, now 150 from over 40 countries enjoy learning with 40 teachers.

The number of participants at our Japanese language classes varies from class to class. The members of teaching staff teach their classes with equal eagerness if it is a class of a 2~3 participants or as many as more than 30 participants. The teaching staff's background also varies from those teaching for 23 long years since its very beginning, those having experience in living overseas, those devoting their time after child-raising, and those challenging a second life after retirement. In teaching a language, being a native speaker is not good enough, it is necessary to see and understand the country where the language is spoken and its language itself from outside, from foreigners' point of view. As many sample sentences as possible useful for participants need to be prepared for the class. Such background of the teaching staff, with various knowledge and experience in their career serves as a great advantage when they teach Japanese.
Being Meguro UNESCO Friendship Members, participants also enjoy joining cultural occasions, including cooking classes, tours in Meguro or events introducing Japanese culture. Thus by attending Japanese language class, participants and the members of teaching staff share and mutually promote the nongovernmental UNESCO movement in the world.
              - written by Mariko Omae and translated by Hiroe Nitta

2-24-3 Gohongi Meguro-ku, Tokyo
[Office hours]13:00〜16:00
(Mon through Fri)