Report on the 6th General Assembly of NPO Meguro UNESCO Association

May 22 (Sat), 2010, 14:00- / Restaurant (1F) of Meguro City Office Complex
Attended by 181 regular members (among them 126 were letters of attorney), youth members, others
6th General Assembly.JPG
The General Assembly of this year started with an opening address by Ms. Mai Ito, a youth director. After a silent prayer for members who passed away over the last year, Ms. Reiko Kato, the president of Meguro UNESCO Association, extended her gratitude towards all the people who gave cooperation to Meguro UNESCO Association, and she mentioned her intention to devote energies especially to youth activities this year, regarding the "Meguro UNESCO Action Award" that was started last year as a springboard.

Congratulatory speech by the guests:
Mr. Aoki, Mayor of Meguro City / Mr. Oshio, Superintendent of Education of Meguro City / Mr. Suzuki, Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member / Mr. Ito, Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member / Ms. Kamoshida, Vice Chairperson of Meguro City Assembly

Agenda: The following items were discussed and approved.
1. FY 2009 activity reports (by activity committee chairs), statement of accounts, and audit report
2. FY2010 activity plan and budget
3. Appointment of Mr. Noriaki Sagara to the board of directors
4. Amendment to the articles of incorporation: Some articles being needed to be revised after 5 years from the establishment of incorporated nonprofit organization, draft revisions were prepared.
The draft revisions reported by Mr. Sagara, Chair of the ad hoc committee on amended articles of incorporation, were discussed and approved.

All the discussions progressed smoothly, and the conference closed with a closing address by Eri Hojo, a youth member, at 15:20.
         - written by Yoshio Shimizu and translated by Mami Kawaguchi

2-24-3 Gohongi Meguro-ku, Tokyo
[Office hours]13:00〜16:00
(Mon through Fri)