Students from Iga Municipal Suko Junior High School

〜 Welcome to Meguro UNESCO Association! 〜
May 19 (Wed.) 10:00~11:50 / Meguro UNESCO Office
Attendees: 20 students of Suko Junior High School (9th grade)
2 escorting teachers
Lecture: “Report on the Study Tour in Cambodia”
Lecturer: ERI HOJO, a youth member
This year, students from Iga Municipal Suko Junior High School visited our office, in the course of their school trip, following an earlier visit by Iga Municipal Aoyama Junior High School students. After a welcoming address and introduction on activities of Meguro UNESCO Association by Ms. Akiko Miyashita, vice-president, two members (Ms. Saito and I) introduced ourselves and expressed our thoughts about UNESCO activities.

The lecture on Cambodia kicked off by introducing its national flag, population and the capital, by Miss Eri Hojo, who visited Cambodia last year as a member of the Nongovernmental UNESCO Movement Promotion Committee. Subsequently she introduced its culture (including Apsara dance, Angkor Wat, etc.), issues of education (literacy rate above 15 years, shortage of elementary schools, etc.), as well as peace (injury by land mines, etc.) in the form of quiz questions. After having group work discussing photos, Miss Hojo told them about her junior high school days, club activity, student council, and study, including her experience of the Junior Red Cross Training Center and a student delegation to Hiroshima. She then disclosed her amazing motto, “Whenever you intend to do something; then is the best time to start!”

There was some vigorous dialogue between students and the members, such as “Are you engaged in activities to found more schools?” and “The World Terakoya Movement is not only for building schools, but also for developing human resources such as teachers, which requires money and knowledge.”

Having tea together, the students shared with us valuable impressions, such as: “It’s fun to learn in the form of quiz questions,” “Now I’ve perceived how I’m blessed, although I thought I was less fortunate,” and “I want to raise money by collecting miswritten postcards.” I do believe it was a memorable day for them.
         - written by Emiko Nishimura and translated by Sumiko Hattori

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